Thank you very much for your gracious contributions!

2016 Donors:

Your generosity in donating is much appreciated. Donations enable us to improve and provide services to surviving family members and friends of murder victims. With every dollar we raise we are able to help out families in their greatest time of need. 

All of the services we provide are of no cost to homicide survivors.

Some of the services we provide utilizing funds from donations we recieve are:

Page Marks

Shelly Gibbons

David Hameroff

Angie Smith

Sherry Simon Heldt

Allison Breitkreitz

John & Mary Seagle

Vicki Hart

Relissa A. Montes & Jesus F. Montes, Sr.

JoAnn Buttrum

Law Office of Elliot Glicksman, PLLC

Van Amburg Law Firm, P.L.L.C.

Nancy & Bill Hansen

Kent Burbank & Vincent Talanquer

Manuel Valenzuela

Robin Brule

Mark Durnal

Barbara LaWall

Joan Gilbert

Oscar & Ella Gomez

Sara B. McDermott

Laura J. Liewen

John & Diann Smith

Kristina B. Boynova

Donna Clayton

David Wright


Oak House Consulting


S.M. & D.R. Nykel

Steven & Lois Smith

Jeff Bell

Diana Sheldon

Law Office of Bruce A. Burke, P.C.

Donald J. Ross

Timothy & Cathilee Sharretts

McEvoy, Daniels & Darcy, P.C.

Randall & Anne Springer

Pat & George Yuhas

R & A CPAs

Ernest Suhre & Kay Matthews

Stephania & Jack O’Neill

Betty Lea Stocks

Pima County Attorney’s Office

Jody Porter

Alan Dankwerth


Frances L. Haley

Jennifer Lynn Wortman & Daniel Gregory Sakall

Jenny Carrillo

Gregory Shapcott

Deborah & Jonathan Oleisky

Lawrence Johnson

Axion Tax, PC

Joy Heffin

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